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Here’s your chance to choose the cat or kitten that will appear on the cover of the March/April 2018 issue of Suncoast Pet!

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Find out more about each of the cats and kittens entered in the contest below!

#1 – Cowgirl – Cowgirl, who is 3 years old, started her life as a feral kitty found by Barbara and Raymond Bounds in the business park that surrounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory on Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. She now is an affectionate cat that lives indoors at the pet crematory.   SUBMITTED BY: Barbara & Raymond Bounds, Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory, Bradenton, FL

#2 – Donner & Blitzen –  Donner and Blitzen are two mixed-breed cats that are actually brothers! Both 7 1/2 years of age, they are, according to their mom, “adorable, sweet, funny and affectionate.” What’s more, both cats were adopted from Cat Depot!  SUBMITTED BY: Diane Smoler of Venice, FL.

#3 – Jazz – Now 13 years old, Jazz also is a mixed breed kitty—he is is 1/2 Ragdoll & 1/2 Main Coon! He is “super intelligent,” his mom says, and knows when he should take his medicine two times a day…he jumps right up on the couch and opens his mouth, ready for his dosage! He also knows what time he wants his family to go to bed and will meow and pace around until everyone heads to the bedroom. He is very friendly to everyone he meets. Talk about smarts—Jazz will sit by the “treat” counter and jump up on his hind legs and beg (like a dog!), and he points with his paw to the hand that is holding the treat! He is, his mom says, the most wonderful cat!  SUBMITTED BY: Ellie Manser of Venice, FL.

#4 – Keiki – Keikia, a 5-year-old Munchkin Persian, had a rough start in life. She was neglected and taken to a shelter where she had surgery and received loving care, which miraculously brought her back to good health. Keiki’s mom feels she was most fortunate to become the cat’s companion, giving her lots of love and care. And, her mom says, Keiki always gets lots of compliments on her beauty and sweet nature. SUBMITTED BY: Ann Runyon-Peterson of Sarasota, FL.

#5 – Khloe & S’More –  Khloe, who is 4 years old, and S’more, who is 16 years of age, were always the very best of friends. It is so heartbreaking for the kitties’ mom that S’more passed away. Khloe, who was found as a feral kitten at 6 weeks of age and was mothered by “S’more” from the day she came home, still looks for her “savior.” “We miss you girl,” her mom says. “Rest in peace, S’more.”  SUBMITTED BY: Cheryl Rogers of Punta Gorda, FL.

#6 – LadyBug – A 17-year-old Calico, LadyBug loves everything about life…and especially St. Patty’s Day! Her mom says, “I think she was meowing ‘Top of the Morning’ when I took this picture of her in her St. Patty’s Day hat!” And, her mom also says, “She’s a sweetheart, my Bug!”  SUBMITTED BY: Kellie Petersen of Sarasota, FL.

#7 –  Milo – At the young age of 3 years, Milo began his life as a feral kitten that was found in the business park on Whitfield Park Avenue. Frequently featured on Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory’s Facebook page, Milo has quite a following, and he is often pictured snoozing on Raymond’s lap or lounging with his “sisters,” Cowgirl and Sissy. He now lives indoors at the pet crematory full time.  SUBMITTED BY:Barbara & Raymond Bounds, Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory, Bradenton, FL

#8 –  Moochie – Moochie was found with a litter of seven kittens when she was barely more than a kitten herself! She took such good care of her kittens, which were all beautiful, her mom says. Now 3 years old, the mixed breed cat won the heart of her mom, who fostered her for a while after Moochie’s kittens were weaned. “I am a foster failure!” her mom admits. And no wonder: Moochie is a beautiful, sweet and very friendly cat, and she gets along well with all of the dogs who come around to visit her. SUBMITTED BY: Kim Morrison, Sarasota, FL.

#9 –  Opal – A blue point Siamese mix, Opal is 9 years old and “the most lovable kitty.” She had three ear surgeries before she was 6 months of age and required extra TLC from her mom to regain her health. Her tail is normally in a horizontal position…quite unusual for a cat! Her mom admits that she is a bit chubby in a “squat” body, but Opal also is a happy, healthy cat!  SUBMITTED BY: Pamela Donushi, Bradenton, FL.

#10 –  Oreo & Spoof – This set of 8-year-old twins had a tragic start in life: They were rescued from a dumpster on Cape Cod when they were just 8 weeks old! Now living in Punta Gorda, these adorable black-and-white cats found a life filled with love and happiness. SUBMITTED BY: Cheryl Rogers, Punta Gorda, FL.

#11 –  Rusty Cricket – At just 4 weeks of age, Rusty Cricket was found in a rain-filled culvert near her owner’s home by Carol’s nephew, Nick. The tiny little kitten was desperately struggling not to drown when he was found! Rusty is a very lucky kitten, and her owners are hoping his luck continues and the he wins the 5th Annual Kitty Cover Contest and appears on the cover of Suncoast Pet’s March/April 2018 issue!  SUBMITTED BY: Carol Masio, Target Graphics, Sarasota, FL.

#12 –  Sissy – Now 3 years of age, Sissy is another feral cat that was rescued by Barbara and Raymond Bounds of Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory after she joined a group of feral cats that visited the pet crematory on Whitfield Park Avenue every night for dinner! Like her sister, Cowgirl, Sissy is now an indoor-only cat that enjoys a comfortable life filled with love and affection at the pet crematory. SUBMITTED BY: Barbara & Raymond Bounds, Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory, Sarasota, FL.

#13 –  Sushi – At 14 months of age, this Siamese “Mutt” was a feral kitten between the ages of 8 and 10 weeks when her family first spotted her. With the help of the family veterinarian, a humane trap was set to capture the tiny kitten. The family then decided to give her a home and had her spayed and vaccinated. Sushi is just wonderful with the dogs with whom she lives, and she is the most humorous and thankful animal there is…”we love her to pieces!” SUBMITTED BY: Kim Aaron of Bradenton, FL.

#14 –  Sweetie – Just 12 months old, Sweet is “the beat to my heart,” her mom says. She is always greeting her mom and showing her how much she cares about her by wanting to be with her. She is a great companion and has a purr motor that won’t quit. She’s taught her mom about the unconditional love of an animal. Her personality is priceless as she’s quite a ham. She also has a gift for using technology…if her mom is on the computer, iPad or iPhone, she wants to be included in what’s happening. Sweetie’s favorite pastime is watching TV when she’s not picking on her canine and feline family members. She’s definitely a one-of-a-kind kitty. Her mom says, “I do believe that Sweetie thinks that I am HER pet…but, even so, my life is better because of her!” SUBMITTED BY: Rochelle Herman, Sarasota, FL.








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