Me & My “Fur-Ever” Friend Selfies—Submit Your Photo Here!

Suncoast Pet is proud to announce a brand new project, and your help is needed!

Everybody is taking “selfies” these days, so I thought what fun would it be if we had a journal filled with selfies of local people in our community with our pets?

SELFIES ADSo, here’s the concept: I am going to create a full-color, soft-covered journal featuring YOUR selfies of you and your pets! The photos will be included in a beautifully designed book in which you can permanently record the birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family members, as well as other special events in your life that you never want to forget!

The number of pages in the journal will be based on the number of selfies that are received, and it will be printed in November, so that the journal is available for holiday gift-giving. The journals will be available for sale here on and on!

Wouldn’t you love to be included in this special community project? All you have to do is submit a good quality photo of you and your pet and fill out the form below.

If you have taken your selfie with your cell phone, just e-mail it to

Before you send it, however, make sure that you choose the largest file setting that you can (On an i-Phone, for example, choose “Actual Size” to send a photo of the very best resolution!)

The photos have to be the highest quality, because the journal is going to be printed in color!

There is a $5.00 entry donation per photo.

Why an entry donation?

Because 100 percent of the proceeds from the entry fees will benefit two local animal groups that YOU will choose when you fill out the form below!

That’s right—the “Me and My Furever Friend Selfies” journal also is a fund-raiser for our local animal community! All of the entry fees will be divided between the two animal groups that get the most votes by each of you submitting selfies!

What’s more, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the journal also will be donated to animal rescue!

The name of your pet and your name will be included with your selfie in the journal. You also can include some additional information about your pet to include with your photo!

Just fill out the form below and submit your photo no later than FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, to be included in the journal!

Once the birthday/anniversary/special event reminder pages are designed, I will post them here, so you can get a sneak peek at our beautiful community journal/fund-raiser!

First, make your $5.00 donation to our rescue group fund here:

Then, fill out the form below! All information with a red asterisk must be filled in to submit the form!





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