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 Positively Simple Dog Training Announces Our New Late Winter Class Schedule!



This class is designed for dogs of any age with a basic knowledge of come, sit, stay, etc. but need refining of these skills.  We will teach you to use positive basic obedience techniques to help your dog learn to behave better around distractions such as humans, other dogs, children, cats, etc. We work heavily on Focus exercises with distractions!  You will also learn ways of intercepting & redirecting your dog’s attention when he acts inappropriately (jumps on people, barks excessively, chews, eliminates in the house, pulls on his leash, reacts to triggers such as people & dogs or other animals. The leadership & relationship building skills you will learn in FOCUS will help you become the kind & benevolent leader your dog needs in order to easily distinguish between appropriate & inappropriate behaviors.


This class helps prepare an already well-mannered dog to negotiate a wide variety of situations. A therapy dog must have a calm & gentle temperament, excellent focus with their owner, is in control under all circumstances, has no aggressive tendencies toward dogs, children or adults and loves being petted in all situations at any time.

Your dog will need to be evaluated to determine if he is ready for therapy work in places such as hospitals and nursing homes, schools, churches and private homes.

We will meet at the training center for a few sessions, then take it on the road. We will practice meeting (and avoiding) strangers and dogs, working around wheelchairs, walkers, canes and anything else we can find! Prerequisite: Any advanced manners class, such as our Focus/Manners 201 class (unless temperament testing during the initial evaluation determines that your dog does not need to have prior class experience).

NOTE: This class prepares your dog for general therapy work and the initial evaluation to be conducted by the therapy dog program of your choice and is not affiliated with any specific therapy dog program.



This is a special class designed to teach owners how they can help their dogs overcome shyness & fearfulness, which is often exhibited through timidity or inappropriate responses to strangers, other dogs, unfamiliar surroundings or noises, etc.  You will learn to use skills such as targeting & luring to help your dog become the CALM, CONFIDENT dog he is meant to be!


These classes are for all puppies from 10 to 16 weeks of age at the time of their first class.  Older puppies should take Puppy Catch-up/Manners (for young dogs relatively new to training) or Jr. High/Manners (for dogs who already know the basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, and come).

 *Each class meets weekly for 6 weeks.

CALL US at (941)232-3300, E-MAIL US at, or VISIT US at to reserve your place in a class or to inquire about other classes we offer or scheduling a private lesson. Sign up now and please tell your friends!


FREE Puppy Playtime at Poochie’s Pampered Pups!

Positively Simple Dog Training and Jeanine’s Professional Dog Training are hosting a new Puppy Playtime session to give young pups a chance to play! Bring your 9- to 18-week-old puppies to Poochie’s Pampered Pups for an hour of playtime that also provides an introduction to socializing your puppy. Participating puppies must be up-to-date on all veterinarian-recommended vaccinations. COST: Free.

For details, send an e-mail to or




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